Welcome to Westgate Medical Centre

We are open 8:00 am to 8:00 pm seven days a week

Pandemic Announcement

  • During the Coronavirus Pandemic Westgate Medical Centre will endeavour to stay open. You are requested NOT to come in for routine purposes or minor ailments
  • You will be stopped and assessed at the front door by a triage nurse on duty.
  • No patients with upper respiratory infections will be allowed into the centre, to ensure the safety of the other patients and the staff, but patients with SEVERE respiratory illness will be assessed in an area seperate to the clinic.
  • We WILL see the following (if no respiratory infection):
    • All acute injuries and injury follow ups (but not ACC18 work certificates).
    • All medical urgent cases barring respiratory illnesses
    • All well patients requiring routine vaccines. Note: Flu vaccines are currently only available for funded patients (over 65, pregnant, eligible chronic conditions and healthcare workers). The flu vaccine will be generally available for others on 13 April
  • WELL patients on long-term medication should stay away and use our online system, if possible. Please allow 72 hours for this.
    • We have relaxed our criteria for repeat scripts for enrolled patients on long term medication.
    • Well children also on long term medication don’t need to see a Dr and will not be charged if under 14 yrs.
    • There is a shortage of medications and pharmacies will only be providing a month’s worth, and single inhalers, at a time
  • Appointments will initially be via telephone (or AV setup from next week). The doctor will determine if you need to see him in person and will arrange a physical appointment

Westgate Medical Centre is conveniently located in the Westgate Shopping Centre, 13E Maki Street, Westgate, West Auckland. We are open 7 days a week and as well as being a large General Practice, we are also a fully accredited Urgent Care Clinic and offer a wide range of medical services.  Our vision is to provide quality, innovative and accessible healthcare to individuals and families. Our motto is Desire for Excellence, Passion for Care.

We have a team of well trained doctors who have a varying areas of special focus. We use the latest technology to help us provide you with a convenient and comprehensive range of medical and allied health services, all under one roof. We can offer appointments with specific doctors and see urgent cases on a walk-in basis.

Westgate Medical Centre hosts state-of-the-art medical facilities and equipment. Our nurses also offer several nurse-run clinics such as asthma/COPD, women’s health, cardiovascular risk screening and diabetes clinics.   The Westgate Specialist Suite offers on-site weekly clinics by Midwives, Audiologist (hearing tests), as well as specialist orthopaedic & fracture clinics, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, general surgery, general physician, and colorectal surgery. Next door to us are Mercy Radiology and Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy, with a Labtests across the car-park.

We are accredited by the New Zealand Immigration Service to conduct Immigration Medicals. These need to be booked at reception and can be done between 9am-3pm weekdays.

If you are a New Patient, please view our New Patient Info brochure and please Enrol as a New Patient.

Immigration e-medicals – available by appointment Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Cost is $195 per person. This does NOT include the costs of a Chest X-ray or blood tests, if required.

Flu Vaccinations – vaccines are available from April to July each year, and this year we are expecting a bad year for influenza (as judged by the Northern Hemisphere flu season which we follow) so this is strongly recommended. No appointment is needed.  Certain patients with chronic conditions will get this free by Ministry of Health subsidy so please discuss this with our Practice Nurses.

Vasectomy– we are accredited by Southern Cross for these, so if you are a member and would like to discuss this Southern Cross will pay for the initial consult and most of the surgical fee. Ask for an appointment with Dr Razoki under the Southern Cross Vasectomy Scheme

Filming– we often have patients asking if they may make a video recording of a treatment and need to emphasise that we have a blanket policy of no audio-visual recording on our premises. This is done in order to protect the privacy of patients and staff.

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