Travel vaccines

Did you know that we have a travel medicine consult service? This is a nurse-led service in which our trained nurses will give you up-to-date travel medicine advice, arrange for you to get the travel vaccines you need and even arrange for a doctor to prescribe anti-malarials and “emergency supplies” of anti-nausea, anti-diarrhoeal and anti-allergy […]

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Repeat scripts

You can order repeat medicine scripts online by clicking on the repeat prescription button on the left. All enrolled patients who are on long-term medication are able to do this, provided you have see your doctor to review these medical conditions within the last year and as long as your doctor does not want to […]

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Co-payment for under sixes who are not enrolled with us

From Thursday 13th September 2018, medical consultations for children under six years of age who are not enrolled with us will attract a $10.00 Co-payment. ACC consultations for children under 13 years will remain free. Enrolled and funded under 13 year-old children will still be seen for free. Unfortunately, the medical subsidy for children has […]

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Shingles Vaccine now funded!

The shingles vaccine, Zostervax, is now funded for all patients over the age of 65. Shingles is a virus that causes a painful rash in a localised area on the body. It is often intensely painful and the pain can sometimes last for months after the rash has gone. The older you are, the more […]

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Flu shots available now

Funded Flu Vaccines Available NOW!

Get your Flu Shot[/caption]Yes, it is that time of year again! We now have this year’s flu vaccines in stock and available to anyone who want it. Make an appointment with our nurses to get yours as soon as possible so that you have the maximum amount of protection over the flu season. Do I […]

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Antibiotics and Cold and Flu

You’ve got a cold and feel lousy. Maybe you already tried some over-the-counter meds. Time for something stronger, you think. Can antibiotics do the trick? Here’s the plain truth: Colds are caused by viruses, and no antibiotic in the world can fight one. They only treat an infection that’s brought on by another small living […]

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New Initiative for Concussed Rugby Players

Westgate is the preferred provider for North Harbour Rugby Union for the management of concussion sustained in their rugby games. From 1st April, professional referees will be able to issue a “blue card” when they believe a player has sustained a significant concussion. The player will have to immediately stop playing and see a doctor […]

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Wesleyan Medicine Mission to Bougainville

Wesleyan Medicine Mission to Bougainville Jun 20-Jul 8, 2016 Report prepared by Dr Amanda Mitchell   Michelle Yates (nurse, psychotherapist) and I (medical doctor) have recently returned from our third medical mission to Bougainville. 500 needy people received free medical consultation, education, and medication at 8 under resourced rural medical clinics. Nurses received training. Medical […]

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Measles update

There have been more than 50 cases of measles in the first half of the year with a significant outbreak recently in Hamilton. Children who have missed their first or second dose should have a catch up vaccination as soon as possible. Adults 50 years and older should consider a booster dose as the immunity does […]

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Take Control of Your Health!

Did you know you can access your blood tests online and make appointments to see a doctor at Westgate Medical Center through the new patient portal known as ManageMyHealth? Ask your doctor about this next time you see him – or pop in to the clinic and ask the receptionists. They are all trained to register you […]

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