New Initiative for Concussed Rugby Players

Westgate is the preferred provider for North Harbour Rugby Union for the management of concussion sustained in their rugby games. From 1st April, professional referees will be able to issue a “blue card” when they believe a player has sustained a significant concussion. The player will have to immediately stop playing and see a doctor (for North Harbour, this would preferably be Westgate).

The “blue card” means that the player will have to stand down for two weeks and then perform a week’s graduated return to play. At the end of that third week, the player will need to get a clearance from the doctor to return to full contact¬†play.

The initiative includes a comprehensive concussion assessment (which is why the Rugby Union has appointed preferred providers). This assessment ensures that any signs of ongoing concussion are picked up early and can be dealt with timeously. It also enables players to know exactly where they stand in terms of expected recovery from concussion.

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