Skin Institute


The Skin Institute was established in 1994 as a specialist centre focusing on all aspects of clinical dermatology, cosmetic medicine and skin cancer. The growth and expansion that the Skin Institute is currently working through will see more Skin Institutes located throughout the rest of greater Auckland and eventually New Zealand, offering a similar range of services to those of the established Skin Institute Surgical Centre located on Lake Road, Takapuna.

The Skin Institute prides themselves on offering clients a comprehensive menu of services and enables tailored treatments to achieve the best possible result for patients as opposed to being limited to a particular product or treatment. For example a patient may visit the Skin Institute with a spot on the side of their face – the resulting treatment could be Elos Polaris (if it was non cancerous), Mohs Micro-graphic Surgery (if it was cancerous), chemical peel or microdermabrasion (if it was a build up of dead cells) or dermatology treatment (if it was acne). The same can be said of wrinkles. What may be the correct product or treatment for one client may be completely different for another – Botox® v’s Collagne v’s the Elos Polaris.

Because the Skin Institute has an extensive array of products, treatments and services available, patients can be assured they are getting a prescribed treatment, not one treatment fits all. And because the Skin Institute Dermatologists work alongside Plastic Surgeons and Specialist Cosmetic, Laser and Skincare Nurses, patients can be assured they are being prescribed the most effective and appropriate treatment programme to obtain their desired results.

The Skin Institute is now providing the following services at Westgate Specialist Suites:
  • Dermatology consultations
  • Skin Cancer consultations and surgery
  • IPL laser for Hair removal, skin rejuvenation, rosacea and spider veins
  • Appearance Medicine consultations and treatmnets including Botox® injections and Fillers and Cosmetic Surgery services
  • Chemical Peels – for skin rejuvenation
  • Photodynamic Therapy for non surgical treatment of certain skin cancers
  • MoleMap
  • Stockists of Environ® and Rationale® Skin Care Products


Please phone 0800 SKIN DR for an appointment.

Further details can be found on our website www.skininstitute.co.nz