Co-payment for under sixes who are not enrolled with us

From Thursday 13th September 2018, medical consultations for children under six years of age who are not enrolled with us will attract a $10.00 Co-payment. ACC consultations for children under 13 years will remain free. Enrolled and funded under 13 year-old children will still be seen for free.

Unfortunately, the medical subsidy for children has barely changed in the 19 years since we opened, with only a small $2.50 increase in the subsidy (from $32.50 to $35.00) ten years ago. The costs of running a medical practice have increased dramatically and the result of this is that Westgate Medical Centre does not even cover the costs of seeing children under six years. Consequently, in order to continue to provide a sustainable service, we regret that we are forced to charge a small co-payment.

Please note that the standard $10 co-payment is in addition to any other surcharges for weekends ($15) and public holidays ($25), where our costs are considerably higher).

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