Why Enrol With Us?

  • You will be asked by our reception staff if you wish to register with the clinic. This means you will either choose a doctor to be your GP or you may choose the centre without selecting a specific doctor. Registering enables you to apply for enrolment with us as part of our PHO and enjoy the subsidised fees and prescription charges due to additional funding from the Ministry of Health. Please note that the Ministry of Health requires us to confirm that each person is eligible for enrollment by confirming their residency status. You will therefore be required to provide evidence such as a passport, birth certificate or other documentation as may be required.

    The Ministry of Health rules regarding eligibility for publicly funded healthcare in New Zealand can be accessed here.

    How do I enrol?

    1. Our reception staff need to do this with each person over 16 years, personally.
    2. If you are not born in New Zealand, you will need to provide proof of eligibility for publicly funded health care such as your passport or birth certificate. This is a Ministry of Health requirement. A drivers licence or community services card is not valid.
    3. You will need to complete the Application for Enrolment form which is available at reception.

    The benefits of enrolment are:

    • Reduced consultation fees for registered patients until Ministry of Health enrolment and funding is approved.
    • Cheaper prescription charges ($5 per item) and approximately 50% subsidised consultation fees for enrolled patients once funding from the Ministry of Health is received.
    • Free annual diabetic checks.
    • Free telephonic advice from our qualified practice nurses.
    • Assistance with obtaining government funded Mammogram Screening, diabetic education and dietary advice, access to podiatry services and diabetic eye screening.
    • Under 22 sexual health project – 2 x free sexual health visits per year. * for Maori/PI only
    • Primary Options – subsidised care for patients treated at the centre that would otherwise be admitted to hospital. Including casual patients.
    • Care Plus – free additional nursing care for certain chronic diseases.
    • Cervical Smear Project -FREE cervical smears for high-needs patients, certain criteria apply.
    • All our registered patients, who have consented, will benefit from our recall systems. When you have a procedure done or are due to be checked we will send you a reminder, usually by text or e-mail.

    A sample of the type of recalls we provide are as follows:

    • Cervical Smears
    • Mammograms
    • Immunisations and vaccinations
    • Depo Provera Contraception Injection
    • Routine Health Checks and screening including cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes etc.
    • IUCD removals and checks


    These benefits are subject to change without notice.

    Repeat Prescriptions

    Registered patients with certain chronic stable conditions and who have been assessed by their GP as being suitable for repeat prescriptions, may fill out an online repeat prescription request.

    ManageMyHealth Portal from Medtech Global

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