Shingles Vaccine now funded!

The shingles vaccine, Zostervax, is now funded for all patients  aged  65 years. Shingles is a virus that causes a painful rash in a localised area on the body. It is often intensely painful and the pain can sometimes last for months after the rash has gone. The older you are, the more likely you are to encounter a bout of this nasty illness, which is why Pharmac has agreed to fund this vaccine for everyone over the age of 65 years.  If you qualify, then make an appointment with the nurses to come in and get your free vaccine.

You can still get your Zostervax if you do not qualify (it is recommended at any age if someone has had a bout of shingles, as this greatly increases your chances of getting another). The cost of the unfunded vaccine is $220.00 and there is a nursing injection fee on top of this ($10 for enrolled patients and $15 for casual patients). You will also need to see a doctor first, so that he can prescribe the injection (it is recommended that you wait until you see a doctor for some other reason and then mention the Zostervax at that consultation, so that you don’t pay for an entire consultation, just for an authority to inject)